Fishing for Women with Amy J – An Introduction

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by Amy J

Amy J Bass on the Pond

Amy J with a Bass on the Pond

My name is Amy, aka Amy J, I am from New Hampshire and I have a HUGE passion for Bassin’.

I didn’t always fish for bass. As a kid I literally sat in the same spot most days for hours and hours casting in the same spots, probably catching the same sunfish over and over.  Every time my bobber started dancing I would get just as excited as I did the first time.  I was just as happy to catch that little sunfish, not caring that I had probably caught it three times today already.

It wasn’t until one day one, my dad was sitting on the couch watching a fishing show. I can’t remember if it was Bill Dance or Roland Martin. But the guys on TV were catching some huge bass. Nothing I had ever caught before, even though the pond I lived on is full of them.

I didn’t have any lures of my own for bass fishing. All I ever used was a worm on a hook and a bobber. Well that was going to change. It was my turn to catch a bass.

I got wooden dowel and had my dad cut it. I nailed in some nails for eyes, hollowed out one for a mouth like a popper and made a few slits in each side for gills with my jack knife, then screwed an eye hook above the mouth to tie my line on. I then got some of my friendship bracelet string and nailed that to the backside and tied in a bunch of my hooks that I had. I had created the “lucky lure” that nobody thought would work, but they thought it was cute anyways.

Amy J Lucky Lure

Amy J’s Lucky Lure

Well that lure caught me a monster bass on my third cast. I have several witness, including my parents who didn’t think my lure would work.  Unfortunately, we never got a photo of my unexpected, awesome catch that day; but, I’ll never forget it, and I still have my lure.

As I got older, fishing was pushed aside. Life got tough, not to mention all of the awkward years trying to find out who I was and where I belonged.  I didn’t make the best decisions in the process; but, once I pulled my head out of my ass and realized it was time to grow up, I became a mom.  Being a mom had become my first true passion.

Amy J Kayak

Amy J and Her Kayak

Of course being a new mom, fishing was the last thing on my mind.

It wasn’t until about six years ago that I started to get back into it a little bit, and it was something I started teaching my first son when he was two.  About three years ago I decided I needed a kayak. I was sick of fishing from the shoreline, and didn’t know anyone with a boat who would want to go out and fish as often as I do.

I searched and searched for a kayak on craigslist for months and finally found one for $100. Brand new and never used in Boston from a couple who won it in a raffle.  I jumped in my boyfriend’s truck and he drove me to Boston to pick it up… in a tsunami rain storm!

My new little 8′ kayak was perfect.  I was free to cruise around and fish any part of any lake or pond; with no restriction.  For anyone who wants to get out on the water easily and not have to wait for a buddy with a boat to invite you, kayaking is something to get into.  I have grown to prefer kayak fishing over boat fishing, because it’s so peaceful and not to mention a great workout!

How did Amy J start? My friend Nancy sent me a link for a photo contest for women fishing.  She knew I had plenty of photos because I posted my “selfies” with bass on my personal Facebook timeline constantly.

Well, the photo contest went over well. I didn’t win, but got an offer to be on a pro-staff for a fishing lure company named Lockett Lures Outlet, and I figured I would give that a shot.  I was happy

Amy J Jase Custom Rods Booth

Amy J and Friends at the Jase Custom Rods Booth

to promote a company simply by doing what I love and got some pretty sweet lures to try out.  I also joined an awesome team called BASS CRAZY. A social media community that is for bass anglers to share photos and talk bass fishing.

By now my friends were probably getting sick of seeing photos of me holding fish and posting about promo codes for these companies etc.  Then I figured if I created a Facebook page for my fishing, it would be a good way to show off something I am proud to be doing with people who also share the same passion.

I figured I could encourage more people – especially more women and children to get into the sport – and also a great way help do a little promoting for these company’s I have become a part of.  I decided to make a Facebook bass fishing fan page called “Amy J” , and I am having a blast with it.

My page has grown so much in only six months, and I have met so many amazing people and made some great friends.  I try to attend any outdoor sportsman shows that I can in my area, with Jase Custom Fishing Rods, one of the teams I am now on. I have also become a part of “Silent Harvest Outdoors (SHOBaits), Rudy Project Fishing Team, WAR DOG LURES, and I have recently become a Yak-Gear brand ambassador and also joined Team FeelFree Kayaks which I’m REALLY excited about!  I have continued to get out on the water as often as possible, even through the winter, I learned ice fishing to satisfy my craving for Bassin’.

Amy J and Son Fishing

Amy J and Her Son Fishing

As a mom, it’s not always easy to find free time to fish.  Some days I am able to bring my oldest son, who is seven, along with me.  I want him to learn and enjoy being outdoors.  It’s one if my favorite ways to spend time with him. I got him a little kayak too.  When I’m not taking him, I have to plan a week ahead just to be sure I have someone to hang out with my boys while I’m out on the water for a good part of the day.

For anyone who wants to get into fishing, it’s not hard at all. Head over to your local tackle shop and pick up a fishing pole, some fishing line and a few lures.  You don’t need to go crazy and buy top of the line gear; yet (that comes later on). There will always be someone to help you with any questions you might have.

Ask about a local fishing spot where you can get started, and above all, don’t think about it, just do it. You will be happy you did!

The more you get into it, the Internet; like right here on, is a great source for fishing tips and advice.  Spend some time on the web to learn more about things you like to do on the water

Bring friends, take your kids, take lots of photos and make memories!  It is one of the most fun, relaxing, therapeutic hobbies there is.  I can’t imagine my life without fishing.

Editors Note: Amy J will be sending columns periodically to help teach women and children how to get started in fishing, how to improve their skills, and spread her passion for the sport.  We look forward to more of her contributions in the future.