Hookpoints Wacky Rig

Power Pole

Photos and Story by Jason Duran

In today’s Hookpoints we are going to take a look at a very simple and effective rig. This rig is the Wacky Rig.

In the photo above is everything you need to setup this rig. Seen above starting from the left is the Wright &McGill Skeet Reese Victory Spinning reel paired with a Wright & McGill Skeet Reese Shaky Head/ Senko Rod. The Hook we have used is the TroKar TK150 Drop Shot Hook. The line use here is Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon in 8-pound-test. You also see a standard ballpoint pen (more on the pen later) and pictured next to the hook is a brown 3/16 inside diameter O-ring. Also pictured is a Berkley PowerBait Heavyweight Sink Worm.

You cannot catch fish without a good sharp hook. Here we have used the TroKar TK150 Drop Shot hook. Notice that this hook is octopus style hook and has up eye. This hook like all TroKar Hooks is surgically sharpened.

Securing that hook to a strong line is the next step in the process. Here we have used Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon and used a Palomar Knot. Do not forget to wet your knot as you synch it up. This helps lubricate the line and prevent damage to the line due to friction. This is very important especially when using Fluorocarbon line.

Now is where the ballpoint pen comes in. Unscrew the pen and take all the springs and other stuff out. Then you will want to start your O ring on the pen at the narrow end as in the photo above. There is a tool called theCase Wacky Rig Tool they are available at www.MonsterFishingTackle.com. If you don’t have the tool the pen trick will work. It is not easy to simply side the O-ring on to the Soft Stickbait so either the tool, or this pen will really help with out tearing up the bait.

Continue to roll the O-ring up the pen above where the pen screws apart. You are now ready to unscrew the pen and take the bottom part off while the O-ring remains on the top part.

Now you simply insert the lure inside the pen and slide the O-ring down so that it is on the worm.

Seen above is how the O-ring should look once it is off the pen and on the bait. You can now roll the O-ring down to the center of the worm.

Now you are ready to insert you hook under the O-ring.

Be sure to only hook the O-ring. We have stretched out the O-ring here so you can see we only hooked the O-ring.

Seen here is how the rig should look. The reason to use an O-ring instead of just hooking the plastic is because the hook will tear through the Senko eventually. The O-ring will help make the worm last longer. Plus, the bait will actually slide up the line after a hookset, so you can actually catch multiple fish using the same bait over and over.

Seen here is the completed rig. This rig provides some great action. You will want to cast it around grass lines docks, laydown treetops. This bait will suspend in the water and when you provide a short jerk it will cause ends of the bait to bend down providing a great profile in the water for bass to see. It resembles an injured baitfish and something bass just cant resist. This bait is also great to use in areas where bass see a lot of other baits. Give it a try the next time you’re out on the water. This simple bait has proven to catch many fish.

We suggest using a high quality spinning reel, like this Wright & McGill Skeet Reese 2500 Victory Spinning reel. This reel allows you to skip the bait under docks or cast it around cover. Because the line is so light and the bait is weightless it is best to use a spinning reel rather than a bait caster.

We have paired the reel with a Wright & McGill Skeet Reese Shaky Head/ Senko Rod. This rod is a great spinning rod and provides the med to fast action needed for this bait. The rod is 6’11” and provides just the right backbone for landing the big fish.