26 Angels Foundation Tournament

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For many people, December 14, 2012, was just another day. Adults went to work, children went to school and others went on with their everyday lives. That was so in Newtown, Connecticut, until a senseless event changed that day and the lives of many forever. From the loss of lives that day, many believe that 26 new angels were created. Since that tragic day, the Newtown community has begun to heal with the support of residents, families, friends and strangers.

A survivor, of the Newtown tragedy, Natalie Hammond,was the lead teacher at The Sandy Hook Elementary School. Natalie and her husband (Jerry) decided that they wanted to help the community that they both cared for greatly.

The 26 Angels Foundation, Inc. was their dream.  The foundation was established with the help of fishermen and businessmen that have the goal of helping the Newtown community. The 26 Angels Foundation, Inc. will identify specific individuals, groups and causes, within the Newtown community, and offer assistance through the foundation’s fundraising efforts. The hope of the foundation is to provide peace of mind and support to all children, families, residents and the overall community of Newtown.

On May 5, 2013, the foundation’s 1st annual benevolent bass fishing tournament will be held on Candlewood Lake in Danbury, Connecticut. This uniquely formatted benevolent tournament will give 100% of the entry fees to the 26 Angels Foundation. The tournament has already drawn entrants from Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan, New Jersey, New York and throughout New England.

During the tournament, the children and families of the Sandy Hook School will be invited to enjoy a day of fun at Danbury Town Park.

The 26 Angels Foundation, Inc. is currently seeking financial donations and/or the donation of goods/services that would be used the day of the event or in the future to help raise money for the foundation. Any amount of contribution is greatly appreciated.

Your generous contribution will enable the 26 Angels Foundation, Inc.to help the residents of Newtown, CT to enjoy a day of fun and to support the community in areas where assistance is needed.

Please feel free to visit their website: www.26angelsfoundation.org. For additional information about the tournament or the foundation, please visit: Info26AngelsFoundation@gmail.com.