Clent Davis Signs with Slide Off Weedguard

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SlideOffWeedguardsKernersville, NC – FLW Tour Pro Clent Davis has joined the Creative Fish Company’s Slide-Off Weedguard pro team for the 2014 season. Slide-Off Weedguard is a patented and innovative product developed by Creative Fish Company that can be placed on almost any hook tomake it weedless.

ClentDavisThe Slide-Off Weedguard has changed the way Clent Davis fishes. Davis said,  “The moment I saw the Slide-Off Weedguard at ICAST last July I knew it would change the way I fish. I used to have to decide between a lot of hang-ups with the bait I wanted to throw, or using a different bait. With the Slide-Off system Being able to fish a jig, swimbait, or almost any bait in thick vegetation, around wood or on rock gives me a definite advantage. It’s pretty ingenious the way it works, and it works with almost any bait I have tried it with. The best part is, it doesn’t affect my hook up ratio at all. Typical weedless products have a lower hook up ratio, just from their design.  That isn’t a problem with the Slide-Off Weedguard.”

Jim Cheshire of Creative Fish Company said, “Even though Clent is entering only his third year on the FLW Tour, he’s proven that he is a premier angler. We believe Clent’s FLW Tour Rookie of the Year title in 2012 is the first of many titles he will achieve in his career. We look forward to Clent using our product to give him a competitive advantage on tour while helping us educate other fisherman about our products.”

Along with the Slide Off Weed Guard product, Creative Fish Company offers Camelback jigs. Camelback jigs are designed specifically to work with the Slide-Off Weedguard product. Davis said, “The Slide-Off Weedguard works great with just about any single hook bait, but my favorite bait to pair it up with is a Camelback jig. I can’t believethat someone didn’t come up with a product like the Slide-Off Weedguard long before now. I hang-up less, therefore I get more time actually fishing. I am fishing against the best anglers in the world, every second can be a difference maker.”

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