Denali Rods Introduces new Catfish Lineup

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Denali Rods Bottom_Feeder_Flyer 1People call catfish bottom feeders.

Like that’s some kind of insult…

Those people obviously haven’t been hooked up to 80 pounds of shovel -headed angry as it digs upriver trying to break your line, your gear, and your spirit. Catfishing has become serious business, and it’s about time someone made some serious tools for the job.

Our all-new Bottom Feeder series is designed by serious catfish anglers, for serious catfish anglers. The lineup features six industry-changing, catfish specific models that blend the advanced features and top-quality finishes found in our bass rods with the tough-as-nails performance and durability required by die-hard kitty chasers.

Whether you’re dead lining a two pound chunk of cut shad for the next world record blue cat or walking live sunfish on three-way rigs downstream in current for flatheads, the Bottom Feeder series has got you covered. Our technically advanced and ergonomically designed rods make it easy to target giant catfish anywhere they swim.

The Bottom Feeder rods are the most feature-rich, stylish, and downright catfish-tough rods on the market, and will flip the scales in your favor when old Mr. Whiskers comes calling.

Coming Soon from Denali Rods