Ehrler, Swindle and Palaniuk Use New GoPro Technology

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GoProPhotoEhrlerSwindlePalaniukGoPro professional anglers Brent Ehrler, Gerald Swindle and Brandon Palaniuk just updated their GoPro cameras and smart phone apps with the latest GoPro technology.  The new app and matching firmware for the GoPro camera’s will allow the anglers to instantly shoot a photo or video and upload through a number of channels including social media, email and messaging.

GoPro released the new software to the public earlier this week. The pros are all in agreement that the new update will allow them quicker access to their fans, family and friends.  Palaniuk is especially excited about the ease of its use, “This will eliminate steps between the time I take the photo or video, and the time I get it to everyone.  Before, I had to use a laptop to download the photo and video and then find a WiFi hotspot and upload it to the internet.  With this I can shoot a cool photo and upload it immediately to my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts for everyone to see.”

Swindle believes it will allow his followers closer access to him. “Used correctly with social media this can actually become a new aged type of reality show. My fans can follow me almost to the minute and see what I am up to. This is really what bass fishing has needed. We’ll be able to give fans a behind the scenes look at life as a professional angler.”

Ehrler agrees with Palaniuk and Swindle that it will help him reach his fans, family and friends quicker and easier.  Ehrler added it’ll also be great way for him to keep up with his two year old son while he’s on the road. “Kelley (Ehrler’s wife) can take one of my cameras along and when something fun or new happens with Ollie she can send it to me right away. Except during tournament hours, I could be fishing on the Red River in Louisiana and be able to keep up with anything I might miss.  It’s not as good as being there, but it’s better than seeing it tomorrow or next week. ”

The new GoPro technology isn’t just for the professional angler.  Anyone with a GoPro and a smart phone can take advantage of this new technological advance by GoPro. Ehrler suggests, “Any angler wanting to share their experiences on and off the water with others can use this new update. GoPro’s have always provided high quality footage and now with the ability to share it immediately it opens up a whole new level of sharing experiences; such as the fight of a huge bass or the first steps or words of a child. GoPro set the standard in action video and now they are setting the standard in near realtime access to high quality video.”

While the technology is new, most GoPro cameras can be updated to handle it very easily. Visit for more information. To see what the new technology is all about check out this video of the GoPro Control, View Share app

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