Gerald Swindle and Clay Dyer – If I Could be Like That

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There are some truly inspirational figures in professional fishing, and the industry as a whole.  People who seem to always be standing there ready to lend a helping hand when people need.  They comfort, they provide, they support.  Those are people whose who inspire by their efforts and actions – truly wonderful people.

Gerald Swindle and his wife Le Ann are among this group.

Then, there are those that inspire just by living their daily lives.  These are people whose mere existence challenges the rest of us to live better, perform better, work harder.

Clay Dyer is one of those few that has that effect.

The way in which he goes about his daily life serves as an example of the indomitable kind of spirit that can overcome the biggest obstacles.

When you put together a man who has begun to pour himself out into the public to try to be a person who gives back and someone whose life is just sheer inspiration; its a blessing to have it on camera.  Swindle and Dyer recently shared Swindle’s boat on the final practice day for the Southern Open on Lake Logan Martin, and Swindle captured the footage on his GoPro camera.

This video is paired with a song by Luke Dunkin called “If I Could be Like That.”