Pro Web Live Offers Online Pro Seminars

Power Pole

Overview: Pro Web Live offers a non-traditional, cutting-edge concept coming soon to living rooms and banquet halls around the world. PWL combines a seminar, TV show, social media platform, and an online retailer into one compact interactive production that is sure to change the way you look at professional outdoor seminars forever…and it’s all live!

The all-star lineup includes Bassfan’s current #1 World Ranked Angler and four-time tour winner Jason Christie, Host of “One More Cast” and nine-time BASS winner Shaw Grigsby, 2006 FWC Champion and eight-time FLW winner Brent Ehrler, 2011 BASS Rookie of the Year and All-Star Event Champion Ott DeFoe, 2009 TTBC World Champion and five-time FLW winner Dave Lefebre, Host of Jimmy Houston Outdoors and Chevy Pro Jimmy Houston, six-time BASS Tour winner and 12-time Classic Qualifier Edwin Evers, 2013 Classic runner-up and two-time BASS tour winner Brandon Palaniuk, 2013 BASS Angler of the Year and six-time BASS tour winner Aaron Martens, and six-time FLW winner and Wal-Mart pro Mark Rose.

Pro Web Live asked fishing fans from across the country a couple of admittedly leading, but telling questions…

Would you rather put gas in your truck, fight downtown traffic all the way to the outdoor expo, pay to park, walk a half mile while being solicited twice, stand in line, buy a ticket, pay for a flat drink and a stale snack, fight the large crowds, sit behind the tall loud guy on a little rock-hard fold up chair in the back of an over-sized room, all to listen to someone you’ve never heard of before talk about how to tie a palomar knot…only to return to your dark home late on a work night, while finally spreading the flu virus to your entire family?

…Or, would you rather come home from work, eat dinner with your family, invite a few friends over, flip open your laptop and enjoy interacting with your favorite fishing pro as he educates you in your own setting?

“Basically, this deal is a win-win for everyone”, says Jason Christie, who finished the 2013 season as the #1 angler in the World. “Like everyone else in the PWL speaker line up, I am a very busy person. I’m traveling all the time, not just to tournaments, but also to various other appearances. What Pro Web Live is doing not only makes perfect sense to the fans, but also assists someone in my situation, and I’m excited about the possibilities of engaging with more of those fishing fans because of it.”

Kellogg’s FLW Tour pro Dave Lefebre adds, “The on-line presence of the fishing industry has never been greater, and it’s no coincidence that on-line shopping is more popular now than ever before. Pro Web Live basically combines a seminar, social media, “how to” videos, and an on-line retailer into a single jam-packed, live television-like event. PWL seminar attendees get the best possible view of the newest lures, techniques, and products being discussed, along with real time links to on-line retailers where they can literally buy Brandon Palaniuk’s favorite winning Arashi crankbait as he’s talking about it. Can you imagine watching “One More Cast” and being able to ask Shaw a question as he’s talking? No other single medium (that I’m aware of) can claim these same unique and convenient opportunities. This is definitely the future!”

Fishhound’s Vice President of Operations, Rick Patri also agrees. “Consumer buying patterns have changed and with the evolution of the web and the viral nature of social media, PWL is primed to capitalize on this. They’re bringing something completely new to the sport of fishing and we’re excited to partner with PWL and include them in our 2014 lineup for the highly anticipated launch of FishhoundTV.”

Pro Web Live events will include numerous guest interactive features, Power Point presentations, videos, commercials, multiple prize giveaways, special guest appearances, Q&A, and much, much more. Events will begin at 8:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time) and will require the purchase of virtual event ticket. Tickets cost $49.99 each. To attend, guests simply prepay by Credit Card, then receive a ticket through email allowing them to enter the Pro Web Live virtual seminar room, which will open an hour prior to showtime. PWL and its speakers will be providing special offers in the days leading up to their events through promotions and contests on their respective social media outlets and websites. also offers subscription opportunities with exclusive member advantages, and will archive past recorded shows for resale as they become available.

Pro Web Live emphasizes the fact that each ticket belongs to a computer, not necessarily a single person. Large groups are more than welcome to purchase a single ticket to display PWL Live events on a big screen to their guests. Pro Web Live welcomes groups of all sizes, right down to the guy inviting a few buddies over to watch and interact with a pro in his garage or man cave!

Boasting an impressive all-star line-up of fishing’s top pro anglers, PWL will offer a total twenty-four 90 to 120-minute, fully interactive, limited seating, on-line LIVE events this season. Live events tickets are on sale now! To view the complete 2014 Pro Web Live schedule and seminar topics, take advantage of PWL subscriptions and opportunities, and to purchase live event tickets, please visit!