Dave Lefebre – Potomac Wrap Up and an Ugly Bass

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LefebreBlogMy Great Uncle Pat passed away while I was in DC fishing the Potomac River. He was a great man, a wise quiet man who I’ve always looked up to. He was my Gramp’s big brother and he will be terribly missed by our entire family. Uncle Pat is now together with Aunt Evelyn and my Grandma who both passed recently as well. Gramps is the last one standing and we’re going to keep him around as long as we can, maybe even bring him to Champlain later this summer. RIP Uncle Pat.

Well, I went out fishing yesterday mainly to get revenge on them (lol) but also to play around with some new Dobyn’s sticks and Rapala DT crankbaits. The new Custom Ink colors are awesome by the way. Who would’ve thought I’d wind up catching the world’s ugliest bass??? Is there an award for this? If you can gain anything from looking at this sad looking 6 lb monster, it is that bass don’t need eyes to hone in on your DT 16, lol. Crazy deal. I probably should have sent this bass to heaven in hindsight instead of releasing it perhaps, who knows?

DaveLefebreUglyBassI just finished 8th at the Potomac last week, which I should be stoked about, but I’m not really. Had Scott Martin caught a big bag on day 4 it would’ve been much easier to take, but he only had 13 and change and opened the door big time. All I needed was another day like I had been having and it was over. Unfortunately it was not meant to be again and I’m left scratching my head as to why? I left it all out on the field and never worked so hard in my life. All I can do is move on to the next one, stay positive, and believe that something good is about to happen. I totally believe that God has a plan for all of us and is in complete control. He knows what He’s doing and I love Him with all of my heart. Sometimes we get so competitive that we lose sight of what really matters in this life and I have been so guilty of that lately.

We have about 10 days off over the Memorial Day weekend and for once I have no sponsors or pros coming to sample Lake Erie and the Bay with me, so I’m not really sure what I’m going to be doing. Mitchell, Macy, and I are going to head out this evening and after that it’s all up in the air…which I must say is nice for a change.

I have a lot to do before heading south to Kentucky Lake at the end of next week. I’ll start getting organized in a week or so, for now it’s time to relax and make final preparations for the home building to begin. Everything is finally in place and now we are just waiting on the contractor to say “GO!” We plan to be moving into our new house on the Lake in September and we can’t wait!

Talk to you all next week. Happy Memorial Day!