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DynamicBlogTerry Scroggins is looking for another Top 12: “I’m just working hard to get my fourth Top 12 finish in a row. The fish I’m catching are post-spawn bass that are sitting in 4 to 6-feet of water on grassy points. They’re on their way out to deeper water after spawning. I’m throwing a jerkbait on 12-pound fluorocarbon and I’m catching as many as 50 bass per day,” said Scroggins who entered this event setting 2nd overall in the Toyota Tundra Bassmaster of the Year points standings.

Gerald Swindle seen with a box of screwdrivers: “When she’s gusting to 71-mph you gotta tighten up your nuts and bolts. And I’ll tell ya something else … it’s real hard to see your fish finder when it’s under the water after a big wave breaks over the bow,” said the constantly comedic Swindle.

Marty Robinson went big: BoatUS Angler Weigh-to-Win member Marty Robinson said, “I was real fortunate to jump 30 places in the standings from Day One to Day Two and make the cut. Most of the 16 pounds I caught yesterday came on a heavy ¾-ounce Buckeye football jig. It was the only lure I could get to the bottom in that wind yesterday.”

Edwin Evers’ topwater fun: “I’ve had a blast here this week. I’ve caught just about every fish I’ve weighed-in on a topwater lure. Even in that crazy wind I was able to find enough protected water to make the Zara Spook and other topwater baits work. I’m only two pounds out of the Top 12. I figure I need to catch at least 18-pounds today, and I think it’s possible,” said Evers, a multi-time benefiter of his membership in the Toyota Trucks Bonus Bucks program.

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