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NiggemeyerBlogThe Elite Series season wrapped up, gosh, about four weeks ago now. Just because
the Elite Series season didn’t go so well doesn’t mean I have slowed down one
bit; not for one moment actually.

Since then, I have gone on to fish the
third event of the BASS Central Opens on Fort Gibson. I did well there; just
really kind of bummed; I only had four fish on my second day and lost my fifth
one. I got a chance to see it and I know it easily would have been enough to
make up for the two ounce deficit that I had to try to make the top twelve cut –
I missed it by two ounces.

Either way, it was a good tournament. I
ended up in fourteenth.
And, I went on to fish the final PAA Series event on
the Arkansas River at Muskogee. I didn’t fare as well there. The first day I was
right in the hunt and the second day; kind of the wheels fell off and I had a
poor day there. I really wanted to make that Texas Toyota Bass Classic, but I
will have to save that for next year, I guess.

I haven’t been home yet; I
am looking at almost six weeks on the road now and I am sitting here in the
Chicago O’Hare Airport – ready to fly back to Tulsa to pick up my rig and head
home. I’m really looking forward to seeing my family! I haven’t seen them in
close to three weeks now. Daniel’s back in school now, and I’m looking forward
to getting back home.

I will hit the ground running though. I’ve got a
half day guide trip tomorrow and just goin’ and goin’ and goin’ with not much of
a let up in sight. I’ve got all kinds of things on the burner right now and
trying to get things lined up and looking forward to this fall and doing a
little bit more fishing on Lake Fork and doing some guiding and things like

I forgot to mention why I was in Chicago O’Hare Airport!

was invited to be a guest on Charlie Ingram’s Bass Fishing University.
a neat deal that was! A great experience – it is a neat format that they have on
that show! I don’t want to give away too much, but we had a great time and we
shot it on – right there at the beginning of Thousand Islands there on

It was a pretty neat deal – smallmouth and large mouth were
caught, but, again, I don’t want to give any details away. Some pretty neat
things will be revealed to you in that show – and you definitely want to tune in
for that and check it out.

It was neat to get in the boat with Ray
Brazier and have a little bit of friendly competition filming a fishing show –
so that was why I was up there and now I am flying back to Tulsa where I will
pick up my truck and drive the rest of the way back to Texas.