Skeet’s Beat – Time with the Girls Chasing a Mouse

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SkeetBlogAfter the Bassmaster Classic was over, I took Kim and the girls to Orlando and Disney World for a fun family outing.

We did everything that Disney had to offer, and I think we started off a little too fast for Courtney. The first ride we went on was the “Tower of Terror,” a 12 story free fall ride that basically ruined Courtney for the rest of the trip. She screamed the whole way down, and wouldn’t go on anymore rides for awhile.

She did go on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride with us, but instead of enjoying it, she lifted up my t-shirt and hid underneath it; it was funny.
Lea, our oldest daughter turned out to be a true “Thrillbilly” though. She’s finally gotten big enough to go on all of the big rides, and she did. Everyone that I wanted to go on, she went on, and the more adrenaline the ride would produce, the more she liked it.

They left on Saturday and it was heartbreaking to see them go. I really enjoyed being able to spend that alone time with them, and we all miss it when it’s over. They got home that night, and were all totally wiped out from the Classic and our trip to Disney World. They’re sleeping as much as they can to get caught up.

I worked a Bass Pro Shops Spring Fishing Day at the Orlando store on Sunday, and I had a great time with the fans. The seminar went really well, and I helped a lot of people pick out the rods and reels they need. It’s really fulfilling to see all of those black and yellow rods and TroKar hooks exit that store while I was there.

I’m with Ryan McCollough from Wright & McGill Co. down here, and we’ll spend tomorrow fishing the Disney Lakes. I’m excited though because they are letting us fish lakes that are not normally open to the public; I can’t wait to jack some pigs.

A little more work to do after that, and I’ll be heading to the Harris Chain to get ready for the first Elite Series event of 2011.

I’ll be taking to you from there next time.

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