Jay Brainerd Joins Strike King Pro Staff

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Jay Brainerd Joins Strike King Pro Staff - photo courtesy James Overstreet

Jay Brainerd Joins Strike King Pro Staff – photo courtesy James Overstreet

Collierville, Tenn. (Feb. 26, 2016) – Strike King is constantly bombarded with requests for sponsorship. The requests from veterans that have a track record and a reputation are easier. Do they fit image of a Strike King pro (integrity and performance)? Then there are the young guys whose tournament results and industry reputation isn’t as established. Things such as etiquette, speaking/writing ability, professionalism, and of course passion help us with our decision. Sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes it’s not. In the case of Jay Brainard, it was easy. Very easy.

“Jay is a young guy that we are very excited about. He qualified for the Elite Series at a very rapid pace which shows his ability, but its his personality that won us over. He is extremely driven, yet incredibly humble,” says Strike King COO, Allan Ranson. “Jay had a lot of success in his previous rodeo career as a bullfighter. That experience has instilled in him a work ethic and calm confidence that is contagious. On top of all of that, the guy can really catch them!”

“I have dreamed of being part of the Strike King team since I was 15,” remarks Jay, BASS Elite Series Rookie. “They have always had the top pros in the sport. To be part of this is literally a dream come true. I am excited about jumping in and learning from the guys and contributing in every way that I possibly can! Before I was a member of the team practically all the lures I used were Strike King anyway and they helped me make it to the Elites.  I believe in all their products!” Brainard adds.

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