Stetson Blaylock Ready for the Red

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Stetson Blaylock Ready for the RedShreveport, Louisiana – FLW Angler of the Year runner up Stetson Blaylock will use his prior Red River experience in his attempt to win the Forrest Wood Cup this week. “I’ve had five tournaments at the Red River during my career and that should help me.  I know most of the areas of the river and what type of water is where.   It’s a huge place and running and gunning isn’t an option on the Red River because so many places are tough to get in and out of.  So I will have to rely on my experience to know where to find certain conditions that might play a role in getting bigger fish in the boat”, he explained.

Blaylock’s experiences haven’t all been good on the Red River, but he cites that as one of the reasons he’s looking forward to this chance. “I like that it always gets me. It’s a chalet to try and beat the animal that has been beating me for the most part,” Blaylock expressed.  “Two years ago we were on a body of water I usually do well on (Lake Ouachita) and that didn’t work out like I hoped. I think the fact that the Red challenges me will help me stay focused and work hard during practice. I know it just enough that it’ll be a benefit to me to me in terms of understanding the geography, but not a detriment with preconceived notions and too much history.”

Leading into the practice period, the 13 Fishing pro believed that the Red River would fish tough. He explained, “It’s going to be fairly tough. The amount of water flow could really be the key to figuring the bite out. The more current and water color (dirtier) it gets the better the fishing will be. I think its going to take about 14 to 15-pounds a day to have a real shot at winning this thing..”

While he has spent quite a bit of time on the Red River, he has never fished it in the Summer. “In general, Summer fishing usually means a tougher bite, but I don’t think its going to be as tough as a lake or reservoir is this time of year.  The current will play a factor and someone is going to figure out how to get that one key bite everyday.  The best of the best are out here and it’s going to take a special week to end up on top.  I’m excited for the chance.”

Blaylock’s hometown of Benton, Arkansas is only a few hour drive from the Shreveport/Bossier City area. Blaylock will have many friends and family in attendance and hopes to give them a show.  “It would be nice to win so close to home, but we haven’t made any celebration reservations. It’s fishing, so you never know what is going to happen, but I will say that I have been fishing very well this year and I like where I am mentally headed into this thing. Like always it will come down to making good decisions and executing when I get the chance.”