Triton Boats Shows Large Growth in 2013

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ASHLAND CITY, Tenn. (January 30, 2014) – Triton Boats, a leading manufacturer of fiberglass and aluminum fishing boats, experienced phenomenal growth in 2013 by signing 15 new dealers, posting a huge boost in retail sales, and adding sensational new models to its lineup.

“We’re extremely excited about our explosive growth over the past 12 months,” said Triton founder Earl Bentz. “During 2013, Triton signed 15 new dealers globally, and our fourth quarter retail sales were up nearly 50 percent compared to 2012. Tournament anglers have responded to our new 21 TrX high performance bass boat beyond our wildest expectations, and our new aluminum boat line is making huge waves among weekend fishermen and duck hunters as well.”

Triton’s dealer network, long regarded as one of the marine industry’s strongest, is poised to make an even more dramatic impact on fishing boat sales in the months to come, Bentz indicated. “We hand-picked our newest dealers based on their proven track records and dedication to customer service. Even those dealers that have been handling the Triton line for only a few months are already reporting dramatic sales increases in their market area.”

Triton’s flagship 21 TrX, a new 21-foot bass missile, has been a huge hit among competitive anglers, Bentz said. “This spectacular tournament boat brings back the glory days of bass boating, when having the fastest rig on the lake was a source of pride. It combines extreme performance with innovative features like monster casting decks, a huge center rod box, and the capability of mounting 12-inch electronics units in-dash and at the bow for maximum convenience and security. All of Triton’s Elite Pro Staff members are running the 21 TrX on the 2014 tour, and according to them, it’s blowing away their competition. Our new aluminum lineup, led by our popular X18 bass boat, delivers a new level of fishability, performance and value to dedicated weekend anglers as well as first-time fishing boat buyers. And our current Catch of the Season promotion is off to an awsome start – our retail customers love the option of being able to choose either a generous cash rebate or a pro-level product package. Put simply, Triton is hot, and getting hotter. And we look for even bigger things to come in 2014.

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