Dynamic Blog – Ribeyes and Waypoints

Power Pole

Q: How many GPS waypoints do you think you’ll actually rely on in the Bassmaster Classic?DynamicBlog

Scroggins: I’d say as few as 5.

Swindle: 10

Lee: 15

Q: If we imagine the Shangri-La Marina area to be Grand Lake o’ the Cherokees’ 50-yard line, what percentage of your time will you spend south of there?

Scroggins: I’ll spend about 90% of my time to the south of the mid-lake region.

Swindle: I’ll spend about 80% of the tournament from Horse Creek, to probably no further south than Drowning Creek.

Lee: I’ll fish most of this tournament right around the actual mid-lake region.


Q: What’s the best meal you’ve had at Grand Lake o’ the Cherokees?
A 22-ounce Rib-eye at Broclee’s PourHouse near Sailboat Bridge.

Swindle: I was with Scroggins, and that Rib-eye was so dang big, I thought I was chewin’ on a horse’s leg.

Lee: I had real good tacos and burritos with Jason Quinn and Greg Hackney at a new Mexican restaurant on Monkey Island by the Grand Lake Regional Airport, called Las Palmeras.


Matt Lee, Gerald Swindle and Terry Scroggins – photo by Alan McGuckin – Dynamic

Q: Weather is the most discussed topic of this Classic. Would you prefer it be sunny and mild, or snowy, cold and nasty?

Scroggins: I’ll say nasty, because they bit way better when it was cold, cloudy and nasty on Saturday’s practice day, than they did when it was 55 and sunny on Sunday.

Swindle: I don’t care either way.

Lee: I think guys will catch ‘em better if it’s cloudy and nasty, but personally, I’d rather fish in warmer weather

Q: In one short sentence, please give us your best personal description of Grand Lake o’ the Cherokees.

Scroggins: It’s an awesome fishery that is slam-full of fish, but weather, and time-of-year can make it challenging.

Swindle: The ol’ lady can be a little moody. She’s extremely weather-temperamental. Strangely, the nicer the weather – the tougher she gets. She sorta reminds me of some of the girls I used to date.

Lee: It’s a phenomenal ‘pattern lake’. Once you figure out the top pattern on this lake, it seems to really hold up. And there’s no doubt, this fishery is filled with 3 – 5 pound bass from one end to the other. You just have to figure out where they are on tournament day.