Ish Monroe – Off Season Prep

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Lews Fishing
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IshBlogThe off season… Well, truthfully, the off season never really is the off season
– just some time off from the competition. Although I went on vacation; you know
– got some R and R in.

But once I get back it’s back to work – back with
talking with sponsors; working on deals for next year. I am actually really
excited about a lot of stuff that is going on for next year with my sponsors.

You know, my company is starting to introduce new products – I will
definitely keep you guys up on what is coming out. I am working on a big
sponsorship deal that I think is pretty much done for FLW next year which you
guys will hear about soon.

I mean, there is really a lot of good things
that I get to work on in the off season…even got to spend some time on the Delta
fishing my Biggie Series Crank bait – you know, dropping some D Bombs on them –
you know, catching some fish; so it is pretty fun!

I even had a frog bite

So, it is a pretty great off season; I am liking it; going to
the gym every day working out because I tell people all the time, you work hard
in the season, but you work harder in the off season – prepping your body; being
mentally prepared.

So, those are the things I have pretty much been
doing; you know, a little bit of fishing while working with sponsors and hitting
the gym.